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App Medic – ER Unit

 People who arrive at emergency rooms, are in a state of stress, confusion, worry and of course, pain. The patients are dedicatedly treated by the medical staff but their companions, who are supposed to be strong and supportive, need help and guidance as well. Without those, destress increases and with it, negative feelings that might result in an outburst.

App-Medic program was developed to assist people who arrive at emergency rooms. Teams of volunteers are scattered in hospitals all over the country to offer help and accompaniment in the different “stations”: Help in basic acquaintance with the place and the various needs (beverages, blankets and more); personal conversations and additional tension relieving techniques; communication with the medical staff for understanding the situation, getting information and clarifications.

The name APP-Medic comes from the volunteer’s role description –
Positive Psychology Assistant.

The volunteers receive a distinct qualification which give them various means for helping people in situations of stress and anxiety.
“Simchat Halev” operates volunteers in ER’s and funds an international research of the method’s efficiency and results so far.

The training of the first group in 2017, was dedicated to the blessed memory of Allen Roup (father of Danny Roup), who passed away in the hospital.