Our magnificent work experience in the field of Joy over the years, has proven to us that humor and laughter can create a change in many aspects of life. We’ve discovered that using the “language of laughter” in companies and organizations, contributions in many areas: It develops creativity, advances attentiveness among employees and their managers, decrees tension and increases work satisfaction.

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Medical Clowning Course

A basic course that gives advanced and comprehensive training to those who want to become therapeutic medical clowns. The course is held by leading professionals in the field of therapeutic clowning and the stage world. It includes enhancement conferences in various fields, continuing educational programs and an internship period in hospitals and medical facilities

Lectures and Workshops

“Simchat Halev” is home to the therapeutic medical clowns in Israel, from the qualification period until the assignment in hospitals and medical facilities.

Medical Clowning for teens

Teaching youth the basics of medical clowning and accompanying them in various functions – retirement homes, special education schools, hostels, deprived youth centers and more. This program enables participants to become a part of the “joy community”. It teaches them to contribute to society and join “Simchat Halev” family.

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Simchat Halev’s Training Center

Our training and conference center is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv and is available and affordable for anyone who desires to hold courses for the benefit of the community.
The spacious hall can accommodate up to 60 people and is equipped with audio and lighting systems, a podium, tables and more. There is a small kitchen, restrooms, guest rooms and an office. The center is accessible for vehicles (including a parking space) and there is public transportation.