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We believe happiness can give anyone anywhere the strength to live.
We operate within all populations: Adults, senior citizens, teens, organizations employees and anyone who wants to be happy…
Our goal – To give every person, in any situation, the strength to live
(we all deal with different obstacles to happiness) by sustaining an optimistic point of view, positive thinking and other tools from the world of therapeutic clowning.
Rehabilitation seminars to disabled or chronically ill people, battered women, terror victims and more…
Workshops and classes for youth in destress in cooperation with municipal and governmental social services all over Israel.
Emotional support and encouragement to people in need all over the country, by specially trained professionals as well as seminar for motivating and supporting the families of traffic, terror or terminal diseases victims.
• Lectures and seminars in big companies or corporations, educational institutions, youth organizations and more.
Bringing joy to senior citizens – regular visits to nursing homes and hospitals and hosting special events.
Joy clubs – gatherings for different populations in cities all over the country; increasing happiness through laughter Yoga, humor, positive psychology and more.

Come see for yourselves and be happy 🙂

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