Simchat Halev – One Big Happy Family

hen we established “Simchat Halev”, we thought about the medical clown – might he or she be you, two years from today?
And we decided that we want, not only to qualify the best next clowns
 and connect them to their places of work, but to become their home.
Today, we are in fact home of all artists in the field of therapeutic medical clowning
 (including puppeteers, story tellers and more), who make children and adults, whether sick or healthy – happy.

Are You a Medical Clown? Welcome!

After finishing the professional training and receiving a recommendation from the course instructor, we give the graduates a medical clown tag which enables them to start volunteering. Next, we aim to assign them to a specific location, optimally adapted to their abilities and qualifications.
We give every clown full and detailed information about the location, as well as regulated work procedures – which are extremely important to follow for the sake of proper conduct with the office. We give extra consideration to the coordination between clowns working simultaneously, in order to prevent unpleasantness.  

We’ll Gladly Accompany you

In order to stimulate, supplement and keep our clowns in the professional forefront, we hold several professional seminars a year, led by Israeli senior lecturers. Up until today we’ve held about 250 seminars, workshops, Sabbaths and social gatherings.

All Smiles in one page

Visit our Facebook page to enjoy numerous colorful experiences and happy stories. And yes, we definitely invite you to like us and share because this is exactly what we are here for: To spread joy in the world and give EVERYONE the strength to live. Look for “simchat Halev” on Facebook.

Come see for yourselves and be happy!