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Therapeutic Medical Clowning

Therapeutic medical clowning is a method of treatment through means from the stage world. Humor and laughter help communicate with patients from different populations, to relieve tension and fears, to improve the mood and by that, assist in the healing process.

The Method was developed in children hospitals in New York, while clowns from the Big Apple Circus performed in front of the children to cheer them up and calm them down. The different acts, which integrated elements from the traditional medical world, led to creating the CCU (Clown Care Unit) model which progressed with time to the rest of the world and now is used to treat other populations as well. Medical clowns treat senior citizens, patients with chronic diseases or special needs and other disadvantaged populations.

“Simchat Halev” organization permanently operates about 500 medical clowns in dozens of hospitals, medical facilities and different institutions all over Israel. The clowns cooperate with the local medical staff and participate in routine training courses and workshops in our instruction center.

Surprise, movement, celebration, encounters of joy and sorrow, fun, games and attentiveness are our winning therapeutic tools!


Come see for yourselves and be happy 🙂

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